Correspondence from a racist

The late Mr Barry Kaye was the father of Mrs Marie van der Zyl (formerly Kramer). She is a graduate of Liverpool Polytechnic, a trustee of several charities and currently the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

To read the unredacted letters click on a numbered blue link.

  WARNING: Mr Kaye's letters are gentile-phobic.
Barry Kaye's threat to George Rooker was embedded in racism  (see letter)
"... and my dear mother (oversholem) for whom Marie is named for, would have sorted this matter out in the good old fashioned East End Yiddshe way, blood on the floor etc, as indeed my father and his brothers who fought Mosely in 1936 would have done so too, ..."
(BK=Barry Kaye,  GR=George Rooker)

C01    29 Apr 2012    BK to Mrs Rooker
C02    06 May 2012    GR to Darrell
C03    10 May 2012    BK to Mr Rooker
C04    16 May 2012    GR to Marie
C05    25 May 2012    BK to Mr Rooker
C06    05 Jun 2012    GR to Darrell and Marie
C07a   08 Jun 2012    BK to Mr Rooker (page 1)
C07b   08 Jun 2012    BK to Mr Rooker (page 2)
C08    25 Jun 2012    BK to Mr Rooker
C09    27 Jun 2012    GR to Darrell and Marie
C10    02 Jul 2012    GR to Darrell and Marie
C11    04 Jul 2012    BK to Mr Rooker

The BOD President failed to censure a call for Jeremy Corbyn to be sacrificed. (20/07/19)

Board asked to condemn 'threats of actual physical harm' around Williamson event (17/08/19)
This has striking similarities with Barry Kaye's threat of violence to Mr Rooker (see panel above) - for which no apology or statement of regret by his daughter, the Board President, has ever been received.

The Talmudic Dictum "Shtika Kehoda" translates as "Silence is complicity."

PRINCE HARRY: Wake up to racism

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