Objections to the Shoah memorial

Top row: Different editorial treatment to the same letter.
    Left: Jewish Chronicle 12 Oct 2018.     Right: Jewish News 18 Oct 2018.
Middle: Comments by Geoffrey Alderman, Tanya Gold, Barbara Weiss, Baroness Deech, Rabbi Aaron Goldstein
Bottom: Stolpersteine for murdered van der Zyls.

Geoffrey Alderman in the Spectator:
Britain doesn't need another Holocaust memorial

Tanya Gold in The Telegraph, 09/08/2019
The Westminster Holocaust Memorial is the wrong memorial in the wrong place

Barbara Weiss in the JC, 09/08/2019:
The conflation of opposition to the Shoah memorial with antisemitism is offensive to the memory of the victims

Criticism of Board in Jewish News, 13/08/19
Baroness Deech hits out at 'slur' from Marie van der Zyl.

Source: Jewish News, 18 October 2018, Issue no. 1076

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