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Moral Aspect of Bankruptcy     Truth and Lies in the Jewish Tradition (Rabbi Louis Jacobs)

What Jewish Law Says About Lying

BBC show hosted by Jewish 'comedian' David Baddiel, made crude personal jokes about the Queen, with reference to genitalia.

Grandparents rights denied by Jewish parents      Interview with Ash Sarkar (Senior Editor of Novara Media)

Research reveals what racism can do to a child's body      Judge berates leading law firm for 'shameful' behaviour

Holocaust survivors      Ways to Honour Our Elders      Are There Jewish Values?      Three weddings in one day

University of Liverpool, European Graduates      University of Liverpool, Alumni

Husband and wife both lie about their education      False university claim (The Times)

Gordon Dadds grows     Gordon Dadds wins the Golden Turd 2019     Gordon Dadds investigated

Westminster University claim

Lying (2013) by Sam Harris      The Truth Behind Pathological and Compulsive Liars      Compulsive Lying Disorder

10 Traits of a Narcissist      Pathological And Compulsive Liars      Lying and truth-telling

Sissela Bok on lying and moral choice in private and public life - an amplification.

6 Subtle Characteristics of The Pathological Liar     Compulsive Lying      White Lies encourage Bigger FIBS

Solicitors struck off for dishonesty (2018)      Dishonest conduct by solicitors (2017      Corrupt lawyers

Jews who fought for Hitler

Review of ‘Antisemitism Here and Now’      Board of Deputies smear British Quakers

JVL Challenging smears by the ‘Jewish Chronicle’     Labour against the witch-hunt

Sorry level of academic standards at Liverpool      The Importance Of Honesty And Integrity in Leadership
Jewish son, 64, admits desecrating mother's grave (D.Tel. 27/06/2016)
Stop US shipment of fuel to Israel's armed forces as evidence of Gaza war crimes mounts
Help! My Son Married a Gold Digger! (Fox News)
Emotionally Distant Son (The Jewish Woman)
Two solicitors accused over file-sharing 'bully tactics' (The Law Society Gazette)
High Court judge and the child sex ring. (The Daily Mail, 2014)
Rabbi Julia's £78,000 Claim (The Daily Mail, 2009)
How to Be a Good Daughter-In-Law: Building a Great Daughter-In-Law Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law (Telling It Like It Is)
The US has bullied our banks into handing over a billion dollars (Daily Telegraph, Feb 2014)
How much longer can paedophilia apologists stay silent?
Dog saves puppy
On the run, the foreign killers and rapists that Britain can't throw out (Daily Mail, 2014)
EU corruption costing economy £100bn a year (Daily Telegraph, Feb. 2014)
UK's finest wedding videos by Bloomsbury Films
Grandparents to win legal rights to see grandchildren (
Getting off scot-free, Baroness and ten other cheating Lords (The Daily Mail, 2011)
Son's Actions Cause Grandmother to Lose Contact With Grandchildren. (Grandparents Today)
When a Grandmother Gets Shut Out (
The Role of Grandparents in a Child's Life
Neighbours should be paid to keep 'bad parents' in line, says Ofsted chief (The Telegraph)
Thalidomide victims receive $89m compensation in Australian court (The Guardian, Feb. 2014)
Dutch would be 'better off' if they left the EU (The Telegraph, Feb. 2014)
Why Should I Get to Know My Grandparents?
Can I find out about my grandparents without having to pay?
Barnet - FixMyStreet
Bonding with Grandparents
Which goes after Davenport Lyons
How Well Do Your Grandchildren Know You?
'I welcome increased openness unreservedly' say Supreme Court Judge (Daily Mail)
Injustice and the law (Daily Telegraph)
Grandparent's Day (Interflora)
For My Granddaughter Alexandra (Pinterest)
For excluded grandparents, a 'living bereavement' (Times of Israel)
See ALL van der Zyl related images
Importance of Step Father (SCFI)
Registering a Property as a Matrimonial Home. (
Unions to blame for many of our problems (Herald Express, Devon)
Should grandchildren call you grandma or by your name? (circle of moms)
Judge calls for more transparency in family courts (Daily Telegraph, Sep. 2013)
Cafcass and the Corrupt Secret Children's Courts (Facebook)
Images of Alexandra
Talking About Relationships (iVillage)
Professor Richard Dawkins: we are winning the war against religion (September 2013)
Assertions are 'economical with the facts' (this is Devon)
Sophie Tebbit Charity
Forcing a religion on your children is as bad as child abuse, claims atheist professor Richard Dawkins (April 2013)
Solicitors from Hell
CAFCASS Must Be Accountable (by Brian Hitchcock, The Rights of Man)
Gmail users or people who email them should NOT expect privacy, Google claims in a stunning admission (Daily Mail)
Public less likely to trust lawyers (Law Society Gazette)
Law firms 'top users of rogue private eyes': Fifth of 102 companies uncovered as using corrupt investigators. (Daily Mail, July 2013)
How Do You Say Grandma in Hebrew? (Ask Jeeves)
Davenport Lyons Solicitors - an independent review. (Yelp)
Americans pay GCHQ £100m to spy for them, leaked papers claim. (Daily Telegraph)
Obama's not to be trusted on foreign policy (Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph)
80% of phone-hacking was by lawyers and major firms. (Daily Mail)
Google does not have to delete sensitive information, says European court (Guardian)
Mothers-in-Law Know Best (Ask the Rabbi)
Nikki van der Zyl - Voice of the Stars / Barrister / Journalist / Author
Google not obliged to block personal data in search results, European court rules (
Occupational Rights in the Matrimonial Home - How far a spouse's rights of occupation can bind third parties. (JD Supra Pro)
Respecting Grandparents. Set the right example for how to cherish the older generation. (kveller)
Davenport Lyons (Wikipedia)
Choosing names for your child's grandparents (
Activities for Grandmothers & Granddaughters (Globalpost)
Davenport Lyons lawyers fined and suspended (Hermes project)
Fathers Day Gifts for Step Dads (ebay)
Volunteering is not only good for your soul, it could also stave off heart disease (Mail OnLine)
10 ways to be a super daughter-in-law (The Times of India)
Judge's stinging criticism of law firm that pursued lying prisoner's £6,000 compensation claim. (Daily Mail)
Davenport Lyons lawyers suspended by SDT for causing "intimidation". (The Lawyer, August 2011)
Public Guide 18 - Joint property ownership (UK Land Registry)
Protecting your share in the family home (Woolley & Co)
Narcissistic Daughters-in-Law from Hell (Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.)
Family Tree Software and Genealogy Supplies Specialist (My History)
When good grandparenting is passed down through generations, grandchildren flourish (
The babysitting grandparents who save families £7billion a year (Daily Mail)
Can I find out about my grandparents without having to pay? (Yahoo Answers)
Why Grandparents Are Good For Your Kids (Family Time)
Restrict title to fight fraud, Land Registry urges (The Law Society Gazette)
7 Signs of narcissistic control-freaks (Bullies be Gone)
Open up family court hearings, says senior judge. (Daily Telegraph, March 2013)
I Have a Daughter-in-law From Hell. Personal stories, advice, and support (Experience project)
Grandparents who've lost contact with their grandchildren. (The Guardian)
Four of the World's Greatest Hoaxes - introduced by Maurice Kemm
Find a Grandparent - where generations meet (
A granddaughter digs deep into her grandmother's life (
Granddaughter gives her Grandma the ultimate gift (Cedar County)
Grandmother creates something special for her granddaughter (Chronicle Independent)
How can you find your great grandparents' names? (
25 Reasons Kids Love Grandparents (
Rabbi Dr. van der Zyl - Founder of the Leo Baeck College
Granddaughter pays tribute to Grandmother she didn't know (The Age, April 2013)
Four of the World's Biggest Cover-ups - introduced by Maurice Kemm
Connect With Your Grandparents Through Hobbies and Family History (Your Library)
Margaret Thatcher's death: international newspaper front pages in pictures. (The Guardian, April 2013)
Create a lasting legacy for your family. Capture and share your life story. (Life Book)
Creative Ideas for Giving Gifts to Your Grandchildren (Legacy Project)
Grandparents Day Planning & Activity Guide (Susan V. Bosak)
Grandparents threatened with arrest for sending birthday cards to their grandchildren. (Daily Telegraph, June 2012)
Rights for grandparents (Daily Telegraph, June 2012)
Roger Moore leaves secret Bond Girl shaken. (Daily Mail, January 2013)
Solicitors fined £20,000 for sending intimidating letters. (The Law Society Gazette, August 2011)
Wikileaks - the international whistleblower site
Children's Family Law and Child Support Agency Advice. Goodwins Family Law Solicitors
The End of Britain - a stark warning. (MoneyWeek)
City lawyer probed in £3m fraud case. (Daily Telegraph, May 2011)
Two British P2P Lawyers Suspended for Being 'Bloody Wankers' (Above The Law, August 2011)
An alternative independent source of news - the Russia News service.
The news from Queensland - the Sunshine State. (The Courier Mail)
The news from Switzerland. (International Service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation)
Two lawyers suspended for sending 'intimidating letters'. (Thinkbroadband)
Victory in sight for grandparents: A million are denied access to their grandchildren - but their torment may be ending. (Daily Mail, April 2011)
Libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. (UK Independence Party)
Swiss News

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