"... you have solved the very specific problems of photo agency billing which I have not seen in any other software. Well done!" (A major California based agency)
Photo Agency and Picture Library software

foto agency billing (fab) is a feature packed software solution for the basic problems which are common to all photo agencies and picture libraries - dealing with the complexities of handling the revenue splits when photographic/picture reproduction rights are sold. fab eases the administration burden and adds a professional dimension to your business.

The revenue generated from a reproduction fee is often shared between two or more photographers (the copyright owners). Even where the copyright is owned by one individual, percentages of a sale are frequently paid to agencies, information providers or other commission earners. Dealing with the arduous task of sorting out who gets what - a situation which can change with every sale, even when the same picture is concerned - is both complex and time consuming. fab does all of this, and more.

fab has been designed specifically for photographic agencies. It takes care of everything from storing the essential database of details about images, photographers and clients to producing invoices for any number of order items, generating period sales reports on demand and providing the all-important analysis showing the percentage split of sales revenue due to each photographer. VAT on invoices is automatically calculated, but in addition to that, fab is multi-currency so if yours is one of the many businesses that deal with overseas companies, fab can make life a lot easier. As long as you keep the exchange rates up to date, it is a simple matter to invoice your French clients in francs or your American clients in US dollars. fab stores most of the major currencies, including the euro, and lists over 200 countries.

fab has been developed to automate the unique business processes employed by photo agencies. It has been designed with ease-of-use in mind and can be utilised confidently and effectively with minimal training. It has many time and effort saving features that will help to enhance your organisation's productivity and profitability. For instance, a single screen form gives an overview of sales by displaying a list of clients, their invoices, orders, percentage splits and job description - with further details just a mouse click away. A rapid keyword search on subject or description enables you to instantly find those elusive older photographs when demand for them returns. Using fab will reduce your staff costs, allow you to run your business more efficiently and leave you with more time to concentrate on the creative side of your business. fab is a desktop system intended for small businesses, but is nevertheless capable of handling over 200 megabytes of data and up to a dozen concurrent users.

fab integrates seamlessly with the popular office applications Word and Excel. Although it is not an accounting package, fab will generate comprehensive financial output to assist your bookkeeper and accountant.

Key features

Clients & Suppliers information
     Keeps a track of all your clients - who they are and what pictures they use.
     Maintains details of your suppliers - who they are, their portfolios and earnings.
Picture/image information.
     Maintains a description of all pictures, the basic percentage splits and usage.
Order Processing
     Easy order entry immediately calculates fee distribution due to all participants.
     Handles all sales quickly and efficiently and allows single or multi-order invoicing.
     Invoices can be single or batch printed.
     Invoices may be settled with one or several part payments.
     Includes VAT management, foreign currency calculator, credit notes.
     Calculates remittances to suppliers based on previous period's payments received.
     Management Reports help you understand and analyse your company's activities and gives you a clear view of the state of your business.
     Standard reports include: Sales, Overdue Invoices, Income, Cash Flow and more.
     Supplier's Self-bill Invoices and Sales Reports shows analysis of all amounts.
     Output to Word word processor and Excel spreadsheet
     Single or Multi User.
     Used defined settings.
     Installation, one day on-site training, free upgrades during first twelve months and unlimited telephone support.

Pricing on application.

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