reKRuiter has been designed specifically for the recruitment industry and can be used confidently and effectively with minimal training. Its central task is to enable the swift matching of candidates with jobs (permanent or contract) and can be used for all industry and business sectors.

 Rekoor staff at the Recruitex exhibition reKRuiter assists in processing job vacancies swiftly and efficiently by handling those parts of the process which can be automated. It has many easy-to-use features that will enhance business efficiency and profitability.

Sample full size screens: Main Menu    Jobs Centre     Job Form

As an Access application, reKRuiter gives you the security of knowing that your data is not locked up in some proprietary system, but is available to you for export or external analysis. Your data belongs to you. It also ensures easy data exchange between other Microsoft Office components such as Outlook and Word. Up to a dozen concurrent users are supported, depending on hardware and data load. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of records, it is more than adequate for the needs of most recruitment consultancies.

Clients Table
Holds prime information including address and phone numbers (with direct link to Web pages). Unlimited number of documents such as brochures and location maps can be attached. Single mouse click to related contacts and jobs.

People Table
Stores comprehensive data on both contacts and candidates/applicants. For candidates allows inputting of availability and preferences for job type, salary and location. Unlimited number of CVs and other documents can be attached. Single mouse click to Jobs/Shortlist. Find-Me-A-Job option instantly displays possible matches.

Job Vacancies Table
Maintains information on category (permanent/contract), status (live/dead/ placed, etc.), job type, location, salary range, vacancy title, benefits, booked-by client, bill-to client, client contacts, and more. Second page provides free text fields for specification notes and web page text. Single mouse click to build/view/purge shortlist.

Swift and immediate database search returns a list of potential candidates matching the selected criteria, to add to the jobs shortlist. Uses post code proximity matching together with optional pop-up maps. Candidate interview dates can be set and tracked.

CV search
Efficient trawling process automatically extracts skill/qualification keywords from Word documents to build an indexed dictionary. This allows the ranking of short lists so that the most qualified people are brought to the top.

Mail Merge
Easy to use interface allows selected contacts or candidate/applicants to merge with Word form letters or bulk e-mails via Outlook. Sets can be saved for future use.

Web output
The program can generate HTML files with vacancy details for you to upload to your web site.    See an example on a client's web site.

Handles invoices (multiple invoices for contract jobs), credit notes and provides summary reports.

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