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Every client has different, specific needs, so it is difficult to judge the quality of our programming expertise in context. In order to showcase our superlative programming skills in a way that can be appreciated by everyone, we have created computer versions of some popular parlour games. The challenge is to incorporate all the essentials of each game (but with extra features) in a visually appealing package whilst contained within the framework of a functioning database. These versions are all written using just Access and Visual Basic.

Boggle Analyser Code Breaker Monopoly Modus
Boggle is a deceptively simple word game - but with hidden depths. The game consists of a 4x4 grid of random letters from which you must build as many words as you can, within a set time limit. The sample word grid shown on the Boggle box challenges you to discover more than 30 word possibilities. Boggle Analyser finds over 150! See a full size screen snapshot.
When playing in the normal way, players are left wondering how many more words are hidden within the grid. This amazing program has a built-in lexicon of more than 110 thousand words and rapidly scans for those elusive connections.

One minor drawback when playing the game in a family tabletop situation is that letter orientation is topsy-turvy; some letters are sideways and others upside down. This makes it difficult to see words which is why players frequently turn the grid to read it more easily. Boggle Analyser overcomes this by showing four rotated views of the grid for immediate clarity.

Boggle Analyser can be used in a novel way for solo play. It includes the option to print a randomized boggle grid for solving in any environment. Without a time limit it is a great way to while away time on the train, plane, etc. When you return to base, check your answers and see how many you missed.

Codeword puzzles are crossword puzzles with no clues. A puzzle consist of the familiar grid of white and black squares, usually arranged in a symmetrical pattern. Each white (or blank) square represents a letter and when the grid is completed they form words across and down.

In paper based versions the unsolved grid shows squares containing numbers, each of which corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number. To start you off, the codes for two or three letters are usually given. When these letters have been entered throughout the puzzle, you should have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.

With CodeBreaker, numbered squares are rendered obsolete. In 'solve' mode starting letters are released on demand and will be automatically inserted into the grid. It is up to the user to decide how many letters are inserted so that the remainder can be deduced through logic and word power. This makes the computer version much more versatile.

CodeBreaker can be used in both design and solve modes. A lexicon of more than 135 thousand words (up to 15 characters long) is provided and it also includes a unique and revolutionary feature which allows the grid to be instantly reoriented so that the across/down layout is inverted for easier reading.

Our version of this world famous board game incorporates real-world enhancements like inflation, foreign currencies, charts and reports as well as a selection of more than a dozen different boards, including London, USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, France and Spain.

Its even got basic animation!
See a full size screen snapshot .

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Although Boggle Analyser, CodeBreaker and Monopoly Modus are all fully featured computer games, they have been created purely as Access databases without any fancy add-ons. They demonstrate that there are no restrictions as to what can be considered and developed as a database application and what can be achieved by innovative and imaginative programming. Imagine what we could do for your company!
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