Why Access?

Microsoft Access, a component of Microsoft Office, is a powerful database program that can be used to store, organise and analyse any sort of information. It is the premier desktop database management system and is used by millions all over the world.

Access is feature-rich and can handle any database related tasks. Access data can be shared with other Office applications such as Excel and Word. The data can be exported to Sage and other programs, and it can act as the source for information to be published on the Web. Data can be converted and imported from most other sources.

With Access running under the Windows operating system, its all you require to store and manage the data used to run your business. It can easily support up to 15 simultaneous users and 200 megabytes of data.

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Min. system requirements:
     Windows XP (or later)
     MS Office 2000 or later (including Access)
     Pentium or equivalent processor (min, 200 MHz recommended)
     Memory: 64 MB RAM (128 MB for a network server)
     Hard drive: 10 GB min. (20 GB for a network server)
     CD-ROM drive
     Mouse and keyboard
     VGA or higher display (800 x 600 SVGA, 256 colours)
     Note that on a network, Access 2000 is required to be installed on each computer.

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