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Rekoor Software (formerly Beamscan Ltd) provides reliable, practical, effective programming solutions for all data processing needs running under Windows networks.

No computer program can replace the experience, professionalism and judgement necessary for a business to succeed. However a tailored software package can make all the difference between you and your competitors and give you that extra edge.
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An early algorithm.

George Rooker, senior analyst, has been involved with the design of commercial database programs since the early eighties.

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His autobiography Apfelstrudel to Chicken noodle - A Stepfather's Life will be published in 2019.

An affectionate sketch of his stepson Darrell by George.
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We investigate the demise
of bullying solicitors
Davenport Lyons

New in 2018: News Miscellany

News Digest is an eclectic miscellany of news and information, including regularly updated articles on World news, the European Union, law firms, legal injustices relating to Family Law and other diverse social subjects.

Falklands veteran Ken Hames leads six couples across the arid Namibian desert. (Channel 4 TV)

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